About us

Navitel Connect Ltd has been working since 2009 year as a distribution company for Ukrainian electrotechnical market. We specialized in supplying high quality heavy duty connectors, D-Sub connectors, tools for working with them, cable glands, slip rings, heat-sinks. Equipment for surround mounting technology by crimp contacts in our focus.


We are pleased to offer for your kind attention products produced by our suppliers


ILME SpA (Italy, Milan) (INDUSTRIA LOMBARDA MATERIALE ELETTRICO SpAhas been operating in Milan since 1938 in the electrotechnical sector for the manufacturing of equipment for industrial installations. The company is leading European producer of rectangular sealed connectors, designed for use in DC and AC currents in power distribution system, automation, embedded systems, railway, road and sea transport, in special equipment. Sealed thin-walled cast aluminum boxes for electrical and electronic applications are a combination of strength and lightness.


HUMMEL AG (Germany, Denzlingen) is a well known worldwide brand. One of main company product line is circular connectors in M12, M16, M23, M27 and M40 standards with a high degree of protection for using in machine-tool construction, medical, printing and others types of equipment, measuring devices, automation devices, embedded systems, some configuration of IEC standardized for use in drive technology, encoders, hubs, I/O FieldBus devices (in particular, CanOpen, Profibus, Interbus-S). HSK-Industry standard metal and plastic cable glands are widely used in industry.


DELTRON AG (Switzerland, Kirchberg) high quality D-Sub connectors with gold-plated turned contacts applications guarantee a long-time reliable equipment work. The combi D-Sub connectors allow to combine signal contacts with high power, coaxial, pneumatic contacts in one connector. Metal, metalized and plastic hoods have comfortable for assembling configuration.


RENNSTEIG Werkzeuge GmbH (Germany, Steinbach-Hallenberg) is a developer and manufacturer of specialized tool for connectors. The wide range of crimping tools, interchangeable dies for connectors’ contacts and connectors allows to combine sets for different connectors based on one tool. Extraction tools for connectors’ contacts added connectors’ applicable line. The company is expert in stripping tools for hardness insulations, cutting and crimping insulated and non-insulated wire and ferrules.


Tecnoal Srl (Italy, Castel Maggiore) was founded in 1985 by people with twenty years of experience in mechanical design for consumer electronics, and power electronics. The company is specialized in the design and manufacturing of heat sinks for the electronics industry, ranging from standard parts to custom project, finalizing the heat-sinks on the needs of the customer.
The sectors of employment are as diverse as transport, telecommunications, energy, automotive, rail, UPS, drivers, lighting etc.


Moflon (China, Shenzhen) is a Slip Rings manufacturer for 360° rotary transmission different types of signals: low and high current, 1 Gb Ethernet, CAN, RS 232/485, Pneumatic, Fiber Optic, High Frequency (3-30Ghz). MOFLON has been manufacturing and supplying slip rings and rotary unions to companies, contractors, and other end-users for more than 30 years now. As a leading designer and manufacturer of slip rings, the solutions are applicable even in demanding applications, like commercial, industrial, aerospace, military, agriculture, Oil & Gas, and many other use cases...